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Lott Entertainment is the one-stop-shop for any project where you have lofty goals and ideas, but lack the human resources to accomplish them. 


Lott Entertainment was founded in 2015 by Allison Lott and Kathryn Lott (no relation), and was built to provide the complete package for those who do not have the full-time staff to accomplish their goals, but have big aspirations for what their project or event will be. With many years in the entertainment, nonprofit and event industries, Lott Entertainment brings an expertise and know-how to any project, large or small. Our specialties are Consulting, Project Management, and Special Events. 


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Allison Lott is a business development, communications, and events professional with more than 18 years of experience in project management including planning, promoting, and facilitating large-scale events both on and off stage. Before taking the leap into self-employment, her background was in the performing arts where she worked for organizations including Broadway Across America, the Houston Symphony, and Society for the Performing Arts. She holds a degree in Vocal Music and a minor in Business from the University of Texas at Austin, and since her graduation in 2002 has made it her business and her passion to promote live in-person events.


A huge Broadway nerd, Allison had the privilege right out of college and for the next 13 years, to oversee marketing, large scale promotional events and sales for such shows as The Lion King, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Jersey Boys, Blue Man Group, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, Chicago, Mary Poppins and well over a hundred more. 

Since forming Lott Entertainment in 2015, Allison has found a passion for all things business development on top of event management, and has had a hand in forming multiple businesses from the ground up. Her work at Lott Entertainment has led to a unique skillset in business operations, event logistics, ticketing functions, auction management, communications, branding (event and overall business), creative direction, staff and volunteer oversight, event operations, and serious attention to detail.


She has spent the past nearly 20 years honing her skills, and has emerged a powerhouse where spectacle meets practical. From fundraisers to festivals to parties for 1,000+ people, Allison brings to the table unparalleled planning and logistical expertise. She is known for being cool under pressure, budget-conscious, highly organized, and detail-oriented. ​​​​​​​

Kathryn Lott is the fearless Co-Founder of Lott Entertainment, and after breathing life into the company with Allison, has rejoined her true calling as the Executive Director for a national nonprofit. Kathryn spent her five years with Lott Entertainment helping other nonprofits to realize their full potential, and now focuses her time growing and nurturing her own organization, Southern Smoke. Without Kathryn, Lott Entertainment would never have been born, and so she remains a forever part of the Lott Entertainment team.


Kathryn's passion for nonprofit work led her to excel from the very start of her career for organizations such as Houston Grand Opera and Society for the Performing Arts. Second only to her abilities as a nonprofit administrator, is her skillset in the operations of works of performance art and artist management. She has overseen larger than life productions such a Blue Man Group and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and worked with world-renowned artists from every discipline such as Al Pacino, Lily Tomlin, Bridget Everett, Harry Connick, Jr., Philip Glass and more. She now brings her unique abilities at managing talent to Southern Smoke, where she rubs shoulders and works directly with some of the most renowned chefs in the world, all in an effort to bring aid to those in the food and beverage industry in crisis. Learn more about her nonprofit, Southern Smoke here.





Photography of all images of Allison & Kathryn by Julie Soefer


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